Upvc – 3d Design Wall Panel

3D wall panel, as the name denotes, is a flexible decorative wall panel, imparting 3D effect through its embossed pattern. This textured design gives architectural feel to the room and creates a huge impact. This was introduced recently into the global market and reportedly well accepted. Our SkyWall 3D uPVC Panel will bring your wall to live with modern and contemporary textured wall designs. Our Decorative panels are made from uPVC material which is Strongest Pvc Processing material in Plastic Industries. Our panels are paintable, lightweight and all are easy to install.

The concept of creating texture that can be applied to flat walls is one that has always fascinated us because flat walls are plainly boring. In this respect the current trend of enhancing interior environments in restaurants, clubs and hotels with a wide articulation of textures is testimony to the sea of change that is impacting interior design. Designers are now focused in creating surroundings that envelope the consumer in a wide array of textures to overwhelm the senses. Combine our SkyWall panels with creative lighting and the results are spectacular.

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